What’s innovative about YWI?

Existing sites tend to provide simple summaries of inventions or entrepreneurs, without explaining how an invention moved from conceptualization to implementation in the field. We plan to trigger more inventions by tracking teams and vision, errors and lessons. To educate and inspire young inventors, our website will feature engaging stories that trace the odysseys of Gen Y teams; we follow along as they identify problems, refine prototype solutions, fund launches, forge sales networks, and fabricate and sell inventions that serve needs in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

We intend to build open source teams and communities, how-to tips that lead young inventors out of the garage or incubator and into the world, where they must independently test and fail, explore options, seek resources, mentors, and access videos here to inspire them to resolve their own problems.

Some features make our website unique, including step by step invention and business tips, video shooting guidelines for storytelling, databases for competitions, funders and teams. Visitor blogs and chats with innovators, mentors and funders can catalyze ideas.

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