meaning “where” in Kinyarwandan

HeHe Ltd.


HeHe, Ltd. (meaning “where”? in Kinyarwandan).

HeHe Limited is a mobile applications and internet company founded in 2010 by four Rwandan students from Kigali Institute Of Science and Technology. They were inspired by an MIT six-week mobile technology course, immediately teaching others what they had learned. They were among the first to create two-way mobile feedback about business and government services, winning contracts immediately. In just two years, HeHe has become a “rock star” startup that inspires hundreds of young entrepreneurs who think mobile and web technology can resolve social and economic problems in Rwanda. They have earned about $20M Rwandan francs, won the $50K prize on East Africa’s version of the Apprentice reality TV show and come to the U.S. as a guest of the State Department last June. YWI entered a video about