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Help us launch our new YWI stories this fall!

Young World Inventors welcomes your PayPal investment via Documentary Educational Resources, to make invention contagious!
We followed Bernard Kiwia explaining his Cell Phone Charger in 2011, all the way to opening the minds of 100 new Village Innovators in January, 2014! He’s making invention contagious across 27 villages in Tanzania now. We can send you updates for your donations. Stay tuned.

How your donation helps:

– YWI’s teams in Africa (Abisae in Arusha & Elijah in Nairobi) will shoot more innovators and tell new stories.
– We can recruit smart, creative interactive web designers as we launch a new online community in the coming months
– Our team in Boston will stay on the social media case to expand our audience (so… more inventors, investors, mentors & shared solutions!)
– We connect our innovators to each other, like we did this week. Jodie needs good stoves to sell and Payan is making the best! Maybe they will strike a deal? Stay tuned.

Deep gratitude to our first Kickstarter campaign supporters, who made YWI’s first stories possible! 

Steve Ross
Emily Wyner
Drew Johnston
Daniel Lichtblau
Maria Gail
Alex Hoekstra
Sam Brown
Kris Haamer
Karl Holden
Laura Paxton
Julie S.
Jennifer Strong
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Emma Piper-Burket
Steve Daniels
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Cooper Troxell
Patrick Maloney
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Erik Steinbach
Gail Courtney
John D. Rockhill
Bob Olodort
Jartua Gilpin
Donna Green
Cindy Womack
Marten Susebeek
Kate Drefke
Erin Leonard
Paul Hudnut
Alex Ntale
Meryl and Sherre Christiansen
Alexander Sarlay
Dr. Colby E. Kinser
Eric Graham
Jeff McLucas
David Sanders
Sean O’Connell
Grace Noyes
Paula O’Donnell
Tony Wagner
Lynne Everett
David Medinets
Kelly Maxwell
Deborah Dakin
Michiaki Tada
Stephen Dougherty
Stefan Moore
George Mokray
Brian Jepson
Radha Krishna Gorle
John Colagioia
Delia Kulukundis
Blandine Antoine
Sara Caldwell
Gene Smith
John Loughlin
Aisha Shillingford
Karen von Bismarck
Rick Devrin
Miguel Oliveira
Charlotte Guerin
Jeff Hersk
Lynne Brown
Rob MacAndrew
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Donald Kendall
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Richard Miles
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Joel Wool
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