dianeDiane Hendrix, Founder and Project Director, Story Editor & Camera
Diane is a freelance writer and producer with over twenty years of experience in documentary and video production for American and Australian projects. She produced for several PBS and Discovery documentaries, for independent documentaries, and for PBS stations in Boston, NYC, Washington, D.C., and Seattle. She was Development Production Manager for the Evolution series for NOVA and Paul Allen’s co-production on Evolution broadcast nationally. She has been a media lecturer and producer at Harvard and MIT. Intrigued by students at both colleges with international ambitions for social change, after a year’s research, she launched the YWI webisode series in East Africa in 2011.

Lucia Small, Senior Editor & Story Consultantlucia
Lucia screened her latest feature film, “One Cut, One Life,” to a standing ovation at the IFFBoston in April 2014, after a rousing premiere at the famed Full Frame Festival in Durham, North Carolina. This was her third feature after “My Father, the Genius” and “The Axe in the Attic.” In 2002, Small’s directorial debut MY FATHER, THE GENIUS, won several festival awards, including the Grand Jury Prizes for Best Documentary and Best Editing (Karen Schmeer) at the Slamdance Film Festival, and a First Appearances nomination at IDFA. The film was broadcast on the Sundance Channel and distributed by New Yorker Films. When not directing her own work, Lucia edits documentaries, including the directorial debut film by Lyda Kuth, LOVE AND OTHER ANXIETIES (2011). Early in her career, Small produced independent films for PBS, ITVS and American Public Television projects. Small is a skilled editor for independent films, when not directing/producing her own.

Signe Taylor WC - CREDIT Ben DeFlorio Photography

Signe Taylor, Consulting Producer
Signe is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and media educator. Her “Circus Dreams” is a vibrant feature documentary about the only traveling youth circus in the U.S. Winning Best Feature at the Providence Children’s Film Festival, it won prizes at the Toronto, Boston and Seattle Film Festivals as well, with PBS broadcasts in 2012. Signe is currently editing “Convicts and Scholars” (aka “Telling My Story”), a moving documentary about female prison inmates and Dartmouth students working together to write and perform a play that explores — in intimate and surprising detail — issues of poverty, class differences, social abandonment, addiction, and imprisonment.

Austin Corbett, Web ProducerAustin Bio
Austin is a content creator and media collaborator who recently graduated from Boston University with a degree in Film & Television. As Web Producer, Austin creates YWI’s online presence, helps develop funding strategies, and focuses the raw talent at YWI Headquarters. He freelances as an associate producer, camera operator, and editor when he’s not hard at work with the Young World Inventors team. In his spare time he enjoys watching old episodes of “Survivor,” sharing good conversation with dear friends, and biking through the busy streets of Boston. You can view Austin’s work here or you can reach him via Twitter @austincorbett.

Bill BioBill Cotter, Editor
Bill graduated last year from Tufts University, where he studied English and Film.  A film lover at heart, Bill has made movies about activist street bands, the end of the world, young love, and aging rappers.  As Editor for Young World Inventors, Bill cuts here, trims there, and eats an obscene amount of Sour Patch Kids while waiting for Final Cut to render.  In addition to editing, Bill also writes short screenplays and poems; he puts the poems in a dusty file where no one will ever find them.  He has worked in the past as a film editor, a copy editor, a windsurfing instructor, a cupcake seller/eater, and as a tasting room employee at a microbrewery.  You can check out his short film Mavis at the End here, and reach him via Twitter @wrcoaster

Elijah Kanyi, CameramanAbisae Bio
Nairobi cameraman Elijah Kanyi freelances for local and international media agencies, covering news and documentary stories. Elijah has shot YWI stories with artist Cyrus Kabiru and inventor Payan ole-MoiYoi in Nairobi last February; he will continue to follow these stories this fall. His clients include The Associated Press, CloverFilms, Doctors Without Borders, and Kenyan televisions stations KTN and NTV. He is currently the in-house cameraman for PAWA254, a creative hub for media producers in Nairobi founded by award-winning photojournalist Boniface Mwangi, and he considers himself a social activist at heart.

Abisae Maeda, CameramanElijah
Born in Arusha, Tanzania, Abisae trained at Kilimanjaro Film Institute (KFI) and was promoted to Senior Producer, cinematographer and trainer for other media production students at KFI.  As the developer of two television series, Abisae trained young media makers from challenging backgrounds in Tanzania to produce a documentary magazine called TAZAMA TZ!, which reached an audience of five million viewers throughout the country. The series tells the stories of ordinary villagers, covered by few journalists. In 2013 Abisae and KFI won six Excellence in Journalism Awards in Tanzania (EJAT) for their work on TAZAMA TZ! This was a record number of awards for a single television show in Tanzania. His film “Yahaya ALly” changed the life of a ten year old boy, Yahaya, who protected his sister from their addict parents, received the opportunity to attend a special school, and went on to become one of the ten best students in the country in 2013.

Jack LeMay, Editorjack
Jack is a filmmaker and editor based in Boston. He is currently creating a feature documentary on John Artis, wrongfully convicted co-defendant and lifelong friend of the late Rubin “Hurricane” Carter. Aside from filmmaking, Jack worked as a software engineer for Ray Kurzweil’s digital piano company. He also lived in Italy for a year with the Ranelli family and founded an online music journal called “Squeegie” that received over a million unique visits. Over the years, Jack has developed his passion for video, interning at Red Car Chicago editing commercial spots and directing academic interviews with Harvard Professor Hilary Putnam. His approach to filmmaking is underscored by years of piano and music composition. Jack’s work can be viewed on his website.

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