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Social Innovators defined

At YI2.0, we are committed to sharing the stories of social innovators. But what do we mean by this? We support young entrepreneurs who, rather than giving money to charity, are coming up with new ways to provide those at the bottom of the pyramid with affordable inventions that enable them to increase profits. Here’s what some of the social entrepreneur industries leading organizations have to say:

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IDDS (Int’l Development and Design Summit)

International Development and Design Summit (IDDS)– Emeka Okafor is a venture catalyst and entrepreneur who lives in New York City. He is the Maker Faire Africa curator and was the director for TED Global 2007 that took place in Arusha,Tanzania. His other interests include sustainable technologies in the developing world and paradigm breaking technologies in general. His blog, Timbuktu Chronicles seeks to spur dialogue in areas of entrepreneurship, technology and the scientific method as it impacts Africa.

African Development Initiative:Diane’s Students

Interesting Fund Raising Video by ADI

Do History: Laurie’s Website

Do History

A site that shows you how to piece together the past from the fragments that have
survived. Case in Point: Martha Ballard.
Do History