Henri Nyakarundi

Henri_Bio_SquareA Rwandan born in Kenya and educated in Burundi, Nyakrundi studied at Georgia
Tech in the USA and learned from mistakes with his early ventures there. He came home to build solar-powered cell phone kiosks for his company, A.R.E.D., to offer affordable cellphone charging and small business opportunities. He sells affordable franchises and training for those with limited capital. Henri seeks
 hundreds of franchisees to start kiosk “shops,” rent-free, since they are  portable!  YWI shot footage of Henri’s busy kiosk at a market last February and saw nonstop activity. Henri and other Rwandese startups get coaching on best practice from consultants at African Enterprise Collective.

African Renewable Energy Distributor (ARED)


  1. Just wanted to know more about your amazing invention

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