Welcome to the home of Young World Inventors, a blog dedicated to inspiring and connecting young inventors through insider stories about their projects in developing nations. Our innovators collaborate across cultures on inventive solutions for those who live on at the bottom of the pyramid–less than $2/day .

Over 86% of youth today say it’s important for their work to make a positive impact on the world. — from a study by Booz Allen Hamilton, Ernst & Young, Time Warner

Innovators across the U.S., Africa, Asia and Latin America are inspired to make change through collaborative invention, rather than traditional charity. Unless inventors engage citizen on the ground, their imported change will not improve lives sustainably. Young, experienced innovators are creating affordable products that can raise incomes for impoverished buyers around the world:  corn shellers and cell phone chargers that work by attaching them to ordinary bikes, windmills that run on bicycle parts, pedal-powered lights in villages with no electricity, and $5 solar cookers made from recycled plastic. This revolution is entrepreneurial genius.

Our featured inventor team, Global Cycle Solutions just won a prestigious Echoing Green Fellowship.  Read Echoing Green’s interview with GCS founder and MIT grad Jodie Wu, and watch her discuss her innovations and mission here.  Also see our ten minute video (click on Inventors page above)  about GCS.


There is currently no website that links young inventors in the US with a) local inventors in developing nations, b) successful inventor teams in the making, and c) volunteers , supporters, specialists and investors — on a global scale. We will help grassroots inventors connect with one another; with funders; and with others who might follow them in becoming inventive teams striving for scalable, sustainable social change.

We started this blog to get peer feedback on our developing web project. If you’re an inventor, or a wannabe changemaker, are interested in funding a project, or are just looking to get involved, please let us know: what would you like to see on a social entrepreneur site?  One inventor shared his competition database and helped us add to the list of incubator schools where students learn what works best in developing nations. Another friend updates us on the media he’s making withyoung inventors at Stanford. Another inventor is bringing back stories from Assam, India, where he’s helping to make a better rickshaw.

What can you share or suggest? Send comments, and share this blog to help us build a community of young inventors together!


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Young World Inventors is a mini-doc web series that makes invention contagious. We're building a global community that connects inventors, mentors, and investors.

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