Final Kickstarter Campaign Day

We’re coming up to the close of our Kickstarter campaign. So far we’ve raised 80% of the $8000 we need to be able to pay for transcripts, editing and music. For all those who backed us on Kickstarter, we greatly appreciate all your support. One YWI backer says:

“I have no connection to this project, other than I think it is very cool and the goals are near to my heart. I pledged $125, did a favor for someone and they pledged $100; posted it on Facebook and said this is what I wanted for my birthday and people pledged various amounts. My birthday wish was to be a funding “angel” and I hope you’ll join me….every little bit helps….money not charged if goal not reached.”

Thanks again for all your support! We still have 24 hours left on our Kickstarter campaign, so if you haven’t please give us a hand and help us keep the project going. If we don’t raise the entire $8,000, we lose it all!

Invitation to Young World Inventors Twitter Chat #socent

We are thrilled to announce a Twitter Chat on July 29, 11am for fans of Just a BandKuweni Serious,iHub, AfrinnovatorNaiLab, and Media Focus on Africa, to expand audience for and web stories of young innovators.We need your ideas, questions and links! We will coordinate the discussion at Media Focus, new partners for YWI.


We are building audience support for webisodes of 3+ minutes about African innovators that inspire and provide how-to guidance – how to develop ideas, organize teams, find mentorship, etc. We need wisdom from the fans of the groups above to guide us.

Diane Hendrix of is telling stories of Innovators working across cultures in Africa and the US. Our audiences are young innovators on both continents. We plan to show videos in live and online audiences in Africa and America to trigger more high and low tech solutions to social problems. Do you think stories can trigger innovation?

So join us for a Twitter Chat on July 29th, 11 am to discuss the Qs below:

  1. What social innovation or start-ups have impressed you? best aspects?
  2. What are the biggest challenges to starting a sustainable enterprise?
  3. What resources do you know about (or stories) for mentorship, incubation, team building and $upport?
  4. How might we connect with more individuals who are interested in becoming social innovators?

Use hashtag  #socent after each tweet, so we can post a summary of the discussion.

Just a Band agreed to do music for Young World Inventors. YWI is raising funds from US investors and our Kickstarter campaign. You can help by donating ($1 or more) and passing the word along. Thanks for sharing ideas!  Let us know if you want to do this again, and we’ll try to make it happen, across continents.

Campaign Launch! Support YWI!

Today YWI launches a Kickstarter campaign to build our community of innovators and raise funds to shoot and edit ten “insider” web videos — for an interactive site by year’s end 2011. Diane is following teams with her camera from June 23 to August 2 in Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. Check our KS site out and we hope you will forward to friends. You can be the first to show off Bernard’s cell phone charger powered by a bike, or follow us in the field!

There’s a quiet revolution going on in Africa, and it’s a bright one — read more at our campaign launch page!