Final Kickstarter Campaign Day

We’re coming up to the close of our Kickstarter campaign. So far we’ve raised 80% of the $8000 we need to be able to pay for transcripts, editing and music. For all those who backed us on Kickstarter, we greatly appreciate all your support. One YWI backer says:

“I have no connection to this project, other than I think it is very cool and the goals are near to my heart. I pledged $125, did a favor for someone and they pledged $100; posted it on Facebook and said this is what I wanted for my birthday and people pledged various amounts. My birthday wish was to be a funding “angel” and I hope you’ll join me….every little bit helps….money not charged if goal not reached.”

Thanks again for all your support! We still have 24 hours left on our Kickstarter campaign, so if you haven’t please give us a hand and help us keep the project going. If we don’t raise the entire $8,000, we lose it all!