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bus stand Obama packMoney is an issue for everyone I meet in Africa, from our inventors to people on the street scrambling to survive, doing whatever they can to eat, find shelter and enjoy life a bit.Even the YWI team in Boston edit these stories on a shoestring budget.  Our East African shooters scramble even harder, despite their talent and experience.  It’s an inspiration to see how inventive people are, despite–and maybe because–of this struggle.


Barring an act of God, we will not meet our goal with this campaign, despite your generosity! We are all deeply grateful for your support in mind and spirit as well as dollars.
In these LAST 36 HOURS — till 11:59pm Monday, Pacific time — we need one last massive PUSH.  Will you ask three friends to donate, who can ask three more? If 36 more donors pitched in $50 perks, we’d make enough to pay for more shooting and editing days, while we prep funding applications!


Thanks for believing in us and these young inventors.


Diane and the YWI Team


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