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Here’s to enriched lives, work and community in 2016!
Last fall we launched our African Makers Media initiative to focus on one issue, #cleancookstoves, and test a model for impact.

Our plan for stories, platform features, and outreach appears in the video.

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By fall 2016 we aim to produce six stories of #cleancookstoves and fuel makers, and to recruit African social media and tech designers for a new story platform and outreach campaign. Local crews will film in Kenya and Uganda, where the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (GACC) is focusing its work.

Shoot an email to with leads to story sponsors,awesome African techies who design platforms and successful social media folks: anything! needs you too!
Carbon from wood-fuels is the second leading cause of global warming. Three billion cook with open fires. Most do not know how deadly the smoke is. To change this,Tom says: “we need an eco-system and a support structure. We need people for advice, encouragement, resources and connections.”

A McKinsey&Company report says,“capturing and sharing
inspiring stories from the front lines may be the first step [to]
motivate audiences and inspire collaborations that allow good ideas to reach scale.”  

Investors like @randyhaykin look for social entrepreneurs whose startups can
improve tens of millions of lives.  He’s using the video app from
at the SOCAP convention last October attended by 2700+.

ONE STORY Video Tools

Founder Katrina German’s mobile app records & edits simple video interviews. We’ve partnered to bring the app to African Makers Media to allow Makers to practice pitching to investors, with tips  and tutorials, coming next fall.

Diane met Rose Twine at SOCAP, and Betty Ikalany at a conference in Boston last spring. Both are award-winning #cleancookstove makers from Uganda.

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