Dare to be Different

At age 20 Tom thinks everyone should “dare to be different.”
Last July, we edited Jodie Wu’s Solar Powered Rafiki, then we met (online)
Tom Osborn, GreenChar inventor, from Kenya and his COO, Yina Sun.

See what Tom is doing and why in this teaser.

Last May Tom and Yina came to Fledge, a Seattle incubator, to learn more.
Thanks to Fledge founder Luni Libes for video of Tom. We will film Tom’s team at work in Kenya soon.
Now Tom wants to meet Payan, and we’re pumped.

check GreenChar’s site for their news and press.
Tom’s story by clicking buttons below.


Here’s the cool cement stove Payan made in Seattle to raise $$ to start
Kenya Stove. Then he made a wood chipper to get rid of pesky
methenge wood,which he planned to sell with the stoves.

Backstory: But that’s what he thought in Seattle!  Being in Kenya changed his plans; getting up and running was hard. It took months to get permits, test his fuel and get the burn rate right.
Payan is meticulous; here’s the story of his first months in Kenya.

Why was Payan “Bored in Seattle?”
Today, Payan’s team of six have a long waiting list for Kenya Stoves. Making 100 stoves/day, they’re up from 20 when we saw them last.

Tom, one of Kenya Stove’s artisans told me he’s never had a job
that invites him be so creative. The team is jazzed.
Coming soon: clips of Payan’s first appearance on national TV!

Robert Kazungu teaches electronics at a technical school in Rwanda, two miles from lovely Lake Kivu.

When Robert was 16, he jammed Rwanda government radio with his FM station. His new invention calls for help when boaters capsize in Lake Kivu.  As we left, Robert begged for business advice!

Read more about Kazungu’s inventions here!

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