Flashbacks of a CEO

JodieJodie Wu, founder and CEO of Global Cycle Solutions, is creating a new sales “army” in Tanzania. Beyond just selling solar lights, Jodie’s network of seller/entrepreneurs like Upendo Roberts improve life for hundreds of other villagers, while improving their own lives.

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For six years Jodie has shared her success, stumbles and strategy with YWI’s cameras, and we are grateful to share her journey. GCS’s challenge now is to survive as a for-profit company with customers who earn less than $3/day.”

Last April and June Diane filmed with Jodie Wu, coming from Arusha, Tanzania to visit family in New York and Georgia, where she grew up. Jodie’s Auntie Susan said that Jodie was a “shark” even at age five.
Susan tells the story in “Flashbacks of a CEO.”

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As CEO of Global Cycle Solutions (GCS), Jodie is a Fellow at Echoing Green, where social entrepreneurs share solutions for keeping their businesses alive and growing. Here’s a glimpse of reality in “Startup Blues.”

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